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DREF 2000
An economic solution of for Coarse and medium count yarns.
We Own 18 Spindles DREF® 2000 and it is utilised for the recycling of various textile wastes, as well as the spinning of technical and other speciality yarns. The yarn count range starts at Nm 0.5 (Ne 0.3) and in special cases, extends to Nm 25 (Ne 14). DREF® 2000 yarns are employed for blankets, upholstery fabrics, secondary carpet backings, cleaning cloths and mops from cotton waste, filler yarns for the carpet, cable and rope industry, filter cartridges for all types of liquid filtration, asbestos substitutes, such as heavy protection garments, friction linings (clutch and brake linings), flame-resistant packings and sealings.

DREF 3000
The unique friction spinning solution for multi component yarns.
We also have 6 spindles DREF® 3000 spinning system for the production of multi-component yarns (hybrid yarns) in the Nm 0.5 (Ne 0.3) to Nm 25 (Ne 14) yarn count range. DREF® 3000 yarn constructions cannot be achieved with any other spinning system. In particular, DREF® 3000 yarns are used in high-tenacity, fire-resistant protective clothing, cut protection textiles, fibre composites for the aviation, automotive, machinery and construction industries, transport and conveyor belts, reinforcement textiles and basic fabrics for coating, canvas fabrics for tents (military and civil sector), bags, tarpaulins and awnings, backings for aircraft and sports carpets and interlinings.

(source : www.saurer.com)